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Writing the story of how we reinvent ourselves

A Bright Vision of the Future 

Pintotecno is a diversified services company for industrial and mobile, focused on hydraulics components.

Our development is made of cleverness and speed, grounded on opportunities.

When the company starts a new journey, it takes it to the end: if the opportunity is concrete you will see it completely achieved.

We are led by a pure entrepreneurial spirit.

Pintotecno appeal towards multinational companies relies on pragmatism, robustness and skill to act quickly.

We are living the 3rd phase of our 40 years history, the so-called "company expansion".

We expect a steady growth of +20% of revenues in the next 3 years, along with a significant improvement of productivity,

due to a new factory system implementation: more automation, more integration and a new labour organization.

A Strategic Manufacturing Partner

Process Design

Building a Digital Enterprise


A project has been planned to transform Pintotecno in a digital enterprise.

We are aware of the leverage that new technologies like IoT, artificial intelligence and big data analytics will bring to our future development.

The final result will be a factory more lean, more flexible, at the same time more robust.

The whole accomplishment will go through the development of applications for the quotation process, the process engineering and the manufacturing.

We are now assessing the benefits that a smart intelligent automation of manual operations and internal logistics will entail.


The project has successfully passed the phase 1 of EU SME Instrument Horizon 2020 program and we are now working on submission for phase 2, with the intent to build an ecosystem of partners to achieve the final goal.

At the moment we can already count on some requests of collaboration by some major players in the field of digital innovation applied to manufacturing companies.

This project has received funding from the "European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme" under grant agreement No. 816098. 


Pintotecno workers are linked to the area where they live. They express a sense of community that eases the shift of expertise and new colleagues integration as well.

The inter-generational transition from the founders to the new management team has encouraged the growth and the company transformation.

The founders have been passing along core values like "trust" and “putting the hard work”, as a legacy to the newer generation that is leading the organization today.

The team of managers and professional leaders is young (33 years old on average), with a top educational level. Selected because of excellent learning skills and a high level of acceptance for the changes.

We are performance driven. 

Technology and digital culture is in our DNA, making us naturally geared to innovation.

We are always hungry for new talents. Are you one of them?
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